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Intelligent hardware
The Gaohua Internet of Things cloud platform

Easy to operate

Drag & Drop

Diversified display

Seamless access


Visual management

There is no need for programming, secondary development and server architecture. It only takes a few minutes to get the device to the cloud through the Gaohua Cloud platform

Use the visual editor, drag and drop to generate the visual page, so that you can easily edit without writing code

Users can remotely manage device alarm records, work order management, and historical data through the Web and mobile APP, and truly manage the device without leaving the home

All serial devices with Modbus protocol can be connected to the Gaohua cloud platform with simple configuration, and truly achieve real-time online plug-and-play

The data is transmitted in an encrypted way to avoid being acquired by others. Multiple accounts can be created at the same time, and operation logs can be generated at the same time

Through chart display and configuration display, the operation status of the equipment can be more intuitive, and problems can be found at a glance

The company now has one full-automatic high-speed high-precision SMT mounting production line, one lead-free wave soldering line, two DIP welding lines, two full-automatic high-speed product assembly integration production lines, one full-automatic Beidou timing positioning module sealing test line, three product test lines, three assembly lines, one SMT intelligent silo, complete with online SPI and AOI testing, product temperature, aging, high and low temperature test, high and high temperature and humidity test, smoke test Vibration test, drop test, weldability analysis, X-RAY detection, ROHS detection and other auxiliary inspection, detection and reliability test equipment and facilities.
We are professional in hardware
Gaohua Internet of Things
Established in 2016, Zhengzhou Gaohua Information Technology limited company. is a professional provider of supporting equipment, data services and solutions for Internet of Things. Established so far, Gaohua Information has always been market-driven and committed to providing customers with high-quality system solutions, products and services.
For a long time, Gaohua Information has established a first-class system development and customer service team with self-innovation and customer service as the core. It has developed 4G/5G industrial gateway, 4G/5G edge computing gateway, engineering vehicle GPS positioning monitoring, industrial DTU, industrial RTU, smart well cover, power equipment remote monitoring, sewage treatment equipment monitoring, water resources monitoring smart instrument, dust monitoring system and other products successively. Some products have covered many provinces and cities.
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