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Brand authorization
Provide partners with Gaohua Internet of Things brand and distribution authorization, and issue authorization certificates to directly enjoy the influence dividend generated by brand promotion
Partner's interest
Enjoy mature business training
Gaohua provides a complete set of mature business training, which can quickly acquaint partners' enterprises with the business system in a short time, train employees' business capabilities, quickly open the market, and achieve performance growth
Enjoy technical training and support
Gaohua provides technical training for products and services, provides the core pre-sale solution and after-sales service capabilities, and has professional technical support engineers to provide pre-sale and after-sales support
Share media resources with Gaohua
Can share the online and offline media resources of Gaohua Internet of Things to jointly expand the business market
Enjoy unified distribution policy support
Gaohua provides competitive preferential policies, multiple incentive and incentive policies, market information sharing policies, and support policies for group building
Joining conditions
1  It is an enterprise or organization that independently bears civil liability, and has no illegal record and bad dispute record
2  There is a high degree of matching between business areas or areas of expertise and business
3  Both partners highly recognize each other's business philosophy and cooperation mode
4  Fulfill the corresponding confidentiality and cooperation obligations within the cooperation period according to different cooperation modes
5  There shall be no malicious disturbance to the market. Once found, our company will terminate the cooperation with you. If the circumstances are serious, we will investigate the losses and legal liabilities
6  We should have high business credit, good company image and high customer satisfaction. If the service quality does not meet the customer's requirements, our company may consider terminating the cooperation agreement in advance according to the actual situation
7  Strictly implement our company's intellectual property protection rules for products
Cooperation process
Recruitment consultation
If you are interested, you can learn about partner recruitment information through website, official account and other channels, and submit your cooperation intention information; You can also call Commissioner GaoHua for more details
After obtaining your intention to join, Gaohua will appoint a specialist to communicate with you. If necessary, it will invite you to come to the company headquarters or visit your company for interview, understand your company's situation and introduce Gaohua's products, services and joining policies to you
In-depth communication
After communication and mutual recognition and confirmation of the cooperation intention, GaoHua's specialists will negotiate the details of cooperation with you and sign relevant agreements
After signing the corresponding cooperation agreement, our company will give the partners formal certification and authorization qualification, and begin to fulfill the policy commitments in terms of business, price, technical support, etc. At the same time, partners also began to carry out business work, and both parties worked together to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results
sign an agreement
Achieve cooperation
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