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Zhengzhou Gaohua Information Technology Company Limited, founded in 2016, is a group company integrating the research and development of Internet of Things products, equipment selection, automatic control, software and hardware development, equipment installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance, security monitoring, weak current engineering, system integration, product development, production and sales, and after-sales service. The headquarters is located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.
At present, the company's business scope has expanded to many fields, such as network video monitoring, Beidou/GPS navigation and positioning, smart community, and so on. Among them, electric power and transportation, education and health, government public security, factories and mining enterprises and public utilities have achieved good results and been highly recognized. The company has always been market-oriented and committed to providing customers with high-quality system solutions, products and after-sales services.
Gaohua Information Technology Co., Ltd. currently has 50 employees, including 5 graduate students. Introduce more than 20 domestic talents to form a mature technology research and development team.
For a long time, Gaohua Information has focused on independent innovation and customer service, established a first-class system development and customer service team, and has successively developed 4G/5G industrial gateway, 4G/5G edge computing gateway, engineering vehicle GPS positioning monitoring, industrial DTU, industrial RTU, smart manhole cover, remote supervision of electrical equipment, sewage treatment equipment monitoring, water resource monitoring intelligent instrument, dust monitoring system and other products, Some products have covered all parts of the country.
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