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Application and Solution of Gaohua Industrial Gateway in smarts Agriculture

Time of publication:2022-08-10 16:40:02

Application and Solution of Gaohua Industrial Gateway in smarts Agriculture

        At present, plastic greenhouse, solar greenhouse, multi-span greenhouse and a few advanced smart greenhouses are the main ones developed and applied in China. Among them, energy-saving solar greenhouse, ordinary solar greenhouse and plastic greenhouse develop the fastest. Sunlight greenhouse is a greenhouse type with one side slope with Chinese characteristics, and is the main greenhouse type for horticultural products overwintering in northern China. The solar greenhouse has developed rapidly in recent 10 years, forming a certain industrial scale. Since the introduction of fully self-controlled Modern Greenhouses in the early 1980s of reform and opening up, the modern multi-span greenhouses in China have developed in the process of introduction and self-development. At present, China has been able to design and produce various modern multi-span greenhouses. Apart from the intelligent control system, the hardware system of our modern greenhouse has basically reached the level of international synchronization, but there is still a big gap between the technology of variety and cultivation management and the developed countries. Greenhouse planting is facing the following problems in its development:
        1. Vegetable planting in greenhouse requires relatively high requirements, whether it is the quality of the soil or fertilization management, which needs to start from a scientific point of view. The vegetable land chosen for planting should be level and fine, and the land should be renovated, fertilized and weeded before planting. Because the temperature in the greenhouse is different from the outside, proper fertilization is needed to avoid soil deterioration caused by excessive fertilization. 
        2. During the planting process of greenhouse vegetables, some harmful substances are easily produced due to the closeness of the greenhouse, which damages the growth speed of vegetables. Therefore, the greenhouse gas should be properly controlled and rationally used. Vegetables in the greenhouse in the morning are less carbon dioxide, so CO gas fertilizer should be supplemented properly to promote the growth of vegetables. When the midday temperature is high, open the ventilation openings properly for ventilation to avoid harmful gases harming vegetables. The main type of greenhouse vegetables selected for planting is temperature-preference. The optimal temperature ranges from 25 to 33 degrees. The highest temperature in survival cannot exceed 44 degrees, and the lowest cannot be below 0 degrees. When the temperature exceeds 33 C, the cooling treatment can be applied by regular open-air ventilation, air exchange holes, spraying, etc. When the temperature is lower than 0 C, heating treatment, such as hot air heating, is given. Pay attention to the control of humidity in the shed to avoid excessive humidity affecting the growth of vegetables. Therefore, regular ventilation is needed to improve the humidity in the greenhouse.

        3. Today's agricultural greenhouse greenhouse is based on a large number of labor force and farmer's planting experience to manage the crops in the greenhouse. There is a lag in this kind of management. By using this system, farmers can monitor greenhouses more scientifically to ensure that greenhouse crops are always in the most suitable growth environment and increase crop yield.

        4. At present, a large number of greenhouses are not specific network wiring environment greenhouses are relatively centralized and cannot be managed by traditional methods.

System Topology Diagram

        The greenhouse measurement and control system based on GPRS transmits the parameters of greenhouse site to managers in real time according to the specialty of greenhouse intelligent monitoring, sends the commands of managers to the field execution equipment, stores the collected data for future analysis and query, and also informs relevant responsible persons by SMS if some parameters exceed the standard. At the same time, the higher departments can always know the real-time status of the area greenhouse through the Internet or mobile phone information.

        Agricultural greenhouse monitoring system mainly consists of central main control system (server, management platform), GPRS transmission module, ZigBee gateway, controller, solenoid valve, temperature and humidity sensor (can measure absolute soil humidity), light intensity sensor, carbon dioxide concentration sensor, greenhouse curtain, water pump, exhaust fan heater and other equipment.


Configuration monitoring map of greenhouse


system function

        The system uses the wireless data terminal DTU based on GPRS technology to collect the temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide concentration parameters from ZigBee node in greenhouse greenhouse through GPRS network. The control center sends control commands such as temperature, humidity, light to the GPRS terminal node through the gateway, and controls the corresponding equipment to adjust the relevant environmental parameters in the greenhouse, so as to realize the remote measurement and control of the greenhouse greenhouse. Operators can sit in the control room, analyze the data uploaded in the shed synthetically from the collected field data, and use manual or automatic methods to intelligently add water, supplement light and exhaust air to the whole shed. At the same time, data query system and printing system can be used to record, query and print the status information of the entire sheds at any time.

System Advantage

        The system can acquire air temperature and humidity, soil water temperature, carbon dioxide concentration, light intensity and video image in greenhouse greenhouse remotely in real time. Through model analysis, it can automatically control greenhouse wet curtain fan, spray drip irrigation, inside and outside shading, top window side window, heating and supplementing light equipment. At the same time, the system can also push real-time monitoring information and alarm information to managers through mobile phone, PDA, computer and other information terminals, realize greenhouse greenhouse information technology, intelligent remote management, give full play to the role of Internet of Things technology in facility agricultural production, ensure that the most suitable crop growth in greenhouse greenhouse to achieve fine management, and create conditions for high yield, high quality, high efficiency, ecology and safety of crops. Help customers improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase returns and reduce labor.

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