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Application and Solution of Gaohua Industrial Gateway in Intelligent Agriculture

Time of publication:2022-08-10 16:39:37

Application and Solution of Gaohua Industrial Gateway in Intelligent Agriculture

        China is a large agricultural country, and the overall development level of agriculture will have a direct impact on the overall living standard of our people. Therefore, in the context of rapid development of informatization and modernization, if China's agriculture wants to develop faster and better, it must actively use modern Internet of Things technology and attach importance to the relevant applications in the field of smart agriculture.

1. Internet of Things technology

        The Internet of Things technology is a form of effective connection between the relevant items in reality and the Internet. The equipment used in practice mainly includes sensors, GPS systems, global geographic information systems, sensors, laser scanners, etc. Through the control of these equipment, the real-time monitoring, real-time interaction and real-time connection with the Internet of relevant items can be realized. In the process of practical application, the optical, electrical, chemical, sound The search of location and other information also has a very significant effect.


        At this stage, the Internet of Things can be divided into three levels as a whole. Specifically, the first layer can be summarized as the perception layer. The main function of this layer is to effectively connect the sensors at all levels of the system with the Internet; The second layer is summarized as the network layer, which actually includes the management system of the Internet and the Internet system related to the computing system. It is also an important layer for effectively realizing the relevant information processing and final transmission; The third layer is summed up as the practical application layer. The function of this layer is to achieve accurate sensing and clear identification between people and objects, and between objects.

2. Smart agriculture

        In simple terms, smart agriculture is the use of diversified and modern intelligent technologies to achieve the supervision, management and control of multiple factors in relevant agricultural production. The relevant technologies used in practice are not only very rich in style, but also very diverse in category, such as modern Internet technology, wireless communication technology, geographic information technology, global positioning technology, etc. These technologies can be applied to smart agriculture. At the same time, through the use of these technologies, we can efficiently realize the problem prediction, remote monitoring and management in the production of related agriculture.


3. Application of Internet of Things technology in smart agriculture

        3.1 Application in agricultural production

        In the actual agricultural production, the use of advanced Internet of Things technology can effectively improve its actual output, especially for the crops planted in the greenhouse, which has a very significant effect.

        First of all, in these industries, the Internet of Things technology can be actively used to monitor the actual production environment of agriculture in real time, so as to effectively implement the modern and intelligent management of agriculture in actual production. Secondly, the modern Internet of Things technology can also realize real-time monitoring of relevant images, grasp the actual growth status of relevant crops according to the relevant monitoring results, and make real-time adjustment according to their actual growth status in combination with relevant real-time collection information, so as to fundamentally solve various problems in the actual growth process of relevant crops, and ultimately improve the actual quality and production efficiency of crops.

3.2 Application in supervision

        The actual quality of crops is closely related to their actual growth environment. In the process of the development of modern Internet of Things technology, the relevant traceability system has also been gradually improved and widely applied to the quality and safety supervision of different crops to fundamentally solve the traceability problems of different crops in terms of quality and safety. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of the actual growth environment of different crops, the safety of relevant funds and crops was ensured.

3.3 Application in agricultural product e-commerce

        Through the use of modern Internet of Things technology, we can effectively improve the construction of agriculture in the Internet of Things platform, and maximize the development of agricultural products in the e-commerce field. The Internet of Things agricultural products e-commerce, which combines the Internet of Things technology and agricultural products, is quite different from the e-commerce platform we see in daily life. In such a platform, we can not only promote and sell related agricultural products in the traditional sense, but also trace the production process and actual production environment of different agricultural products. In the process of such real-time experience, it can also effectively enhance the trust between producers and consumers, thus improving the popularity of relevant agricultural products, and thus improving the economic benefits of different agricultural products.


4. Innovation in the development model of smart agriculture -- Taking Shouguang Vegetable Farm as an example

        Shouguang City, Shandong Province, is named "the hometown of vegetables in China" by the State Council. With a long history of vegetable cultivation, it is the birthplace of protected vegetables and the largest vegetable distribution center in China. Since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, successive Shouguang Municipal Party Committee and municipal government have taken the vegetable industry as the pillar industry for enriching the people, strengthening the city and revitalizing the countryside, focusing on the development of modern quality agriculture, which has played a leading and exemplary role in the development of the national vegetable industry.

4.1 Shouguang Vegetable Farm and Green Vegetable Industry

        In the production process of Shouguang vegetable farm products, taking Guihe celery as the benchmark product, using scientific and technological means and efficient production methods can greatly reduce costs and labor while ensuring the high value growth of vegetables. In the process of cooperation with successful beverage brands, both in terms of nutrition and price, it has great advantages in the market competition and can occupy a large market share. We will help Shouguang rural revitalization, promote the development of agriculture and enrich farmers, and achieve the unity of economic, social and ecological benefits.

4.2 Shouguang vegetable farm and horticulture industry

        With the increasing market demand at home and abroad, the development prospect of China's vegetable horticulture industry is optimistic: the vegetable horticulture industry is developing rapidly in the direction of scale, branding, leisure and tourism, and people's demand for vegetable horticulture products is also increasing, while promoting the development of the vegetable horticulture industry.

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