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Smart roadside video parking solution

Time of publication:2022-08-10 16:39:05

Smart roadside video parking solution

        With the increase of vehicle ownership, parking difficulties have become a major pain point in the development of the city. Drivers often encounter the status of difficult parking spaces. They do not have a clear understanding of the nearby parking lots, or encounter closed parking lots, manually managed parking lots, and parking spaces have not been updated in real time. The parking lots can no longer meet the needs of users, so the chaotic parking of roadside vehicles often occurs. To solve this problem, By using intelligent technology, we will vigorously develop roadside parking, make parking more intelligent, make full use of space resources, and greatly increase the parking space supply to meet the parking needs of users.
        Gaohua Internet of Things provides smart parking solutions based on industrial gateway GH-G801A for city parking operators to maximize monitoring of parking spaces, as well as monitoring the parking and long-term data, and real-time monitoring of parking dynamic and charging supervision. Car owners can pay by cash, self-service payment machines, mobile phone payment, etc., to enhance their new parking experience and enhance the parking and road side parking management level. Reduce the cost of managers and eliminate the phenomenon of escaping fees.

Program requirements

* Supports 4G LTE networks
* High performance, small size and network stability
* Long-term operation in high and low temperatures between -25 and 70 C
* Industrial design, high EMC level, IP30 protection level to ensure stable operation of gateway in unattended environment
* Cloud platform support, remote PIC download support

Smart roadside video parking solution


        The whole roadside smart parking mainly consists of three parts: information collection part, network communication part, and roadside parking cloud platform part. The network communication part of this scheme uses 4G network to upload the parking information of some vehicles on the site to the cloud platform. The cloud platform can analyze the information from the field to find out which vehicles have been parked for a long time and which parking spaces are idle.
        The network communication part uses the Gaohua industrial gateway GH-G801A to provide a stable and secure data transmission channel for the parking system and to transmit real-time data. Supports cloud platform for remote centralized management of devices; At the same time, industrial design, high EMC level, IP30 protection level, can easily meet the challenges of outdoor environment.

GaoHua Internet of Things product advantages

* The Gateway GH-G801A provides uninterrupted access to multiple networks covering a wide range of 3G/4G networks to ensure the interconnection of devices
* High industrial grade design, ideal for outdoor use
* Easy to install, deploy, maintain and highly stable
* Has a hardware and software watchdog to ensure the connected device works properly
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