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Substation networking scheme in Gaohua industrial gateway intelligent residential area

Time of publication:2022-08-10 16:34:11

Substation networking scheme in GaoHua industrial gateway intelligent residential area


The substation intelligent monitoring and self-healing recovery system based on 3G/4G wireless network can realize the functions of "five remotes" (telemetry, Telecommunications,Distance adjustment, remote control and observed remotely ), rationally optimize and configure the outage and maintenance time of the equipment, and improve the quality of power supply; Achieve early warning of faults, quickly isolate faults, self-recovery and network reconfiguration, and truly achieve unattended substation.

System overview

Substation in residential area is the end equipment of smart grid. Substation is connected through network ports and router devices, and interconnected with power center through power APN wireless private network. The purpose of remote monitoring of front-end substation by power center is achieved.

System Topology Diagram

Substation networking scheme



System Features and Advantages

*High specifications industrial design, cold and high temperature resistance, to ensure 24-hour network smooth. 

*It has strong signal reception and anti-interference ability, and can adapt to electromagnetic interference in distribution environment. 

*Small size interface standard, easy installation and maintenance.

*Supports all APN private networks to ensure data security and reliability.

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