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Sewage Treatment Online Operation and Maintenance Solution

Time of publication:2022-08-10 16:37:48

Sewage Treatment Online Operation and Maintenance Solution


        In recent years, with the development of science and technology and the progress of urbanization in our country, the amount of sewage discharged into the environment is increasing and the water pollution is serious. At present, the water quality control monitoring of pollution sources and sewage ditches in all parts of the country still stays in the manual monitoring stage, which is difficult to reflect the continuous changes of enterprise and urban sewage discharge. It is extremely urgent to establish an on-line monitoring system for wastewater treatment, so it is imperative to improve the monitoring capacity of water quality.

Scheme introduction

        Gaohua wastewater treatment intelligent monitoring system based on the Internet of Things makes use of the automatic control systems of each plant to transform various communication interfaces and protocols without affecting the production and operation of each wastewater treatment plant. Many important site parameters and information (such as sewage flow, liquid level, PH value, temperature dissolved oxygen concentration, etc.) and production operation data are collected automatically, monitored remotely, monitored intelligently, and queried remotely by PC or mobile phone.


system composition

        The intelligent monitoring system for sewage treatment is divided into three layers, data collection layer, transmission layer and application layer.

1. data collection layer

        In the sewage treatment system, various sensors, water level sensors, water pressure sensors, etc. are used to obtain all kinds of information of the equipment, through the device console or special control box (PLC).
        To collect data, the PLC controls the start and stop of all devices according to the buttons on the control panel or the feedback value of the sensor. The industrial intelligent gateway connects with the PLC and parses and processes them locally and uploads them to the cloud data server or the central server.
        Gaohua Industrial Intelligent Gateway can analyze the mainstream PLC protocols such as SIEMENS, Mitsubishi, DELTA, Schneider, XINJE, modbus, etc. It also supports remote download and debugging of PLC programs, which can reduce maintenance costs and travel costs after sales.

2. transmission layer

        Transport layer secures information acquired by smart gateway through cable, wifi, 3g/4g network and through Gaohua Cloud.

3. application layer

        The application layer is the interface of the Internet of Things and users. The data cloud application platform of Gaohua Cloud is the basic platform of the application layer of the Internet of Things. It can flexibly configure real-time pictures, control interfaces, trend charts, work order processing, set alarm and warning, mobile app, etc. according to the size of the project, software and hardware configuration of the customers.

system function

1. Data collection, classification, analysis and storage capabilities

        Based on all the field data collected by the gateway, the system platform can automatically classify and generate curve charts and reports, and can save data such as querying the original field data, alarm data, and operation records.

2.Centralized monitoring and control functions

        The monitoring data center can real-time monitor the on-site data monitoring of various projects through the network. Ability to pick up and play individual live video monitoring pictures simultaneously. The field can be operated remotely from the remote end.

3. Alarm function

        Set up the data exception alarm on the system platform, centralize the sound alarm in the company data center, and at the same time, automatically notify the relevant person in charge by SMS. The person in charge can know the situation of over-standard on the spot in time, so as to quickly make response measures.

4. High concurrent access

        Intelligent monitoring system for wastewater treatment uses a high concurrent design structure. When subsequent projects are built and put into production, users can access the hardware directly without developing it.

5. Double Password Protection

        To protect against damage from both inside and outside the system, network security measures include channel encryption, source encryption, and to ensure the security of data communication.

6.Data sharing capabilities

        The central database can share data, set access rights, and relevant responsible persons and leaders with rights can access the database at any time through the APP client of a PC or mobile phone.

7. User Management, Work Order Maintenance

        User rights management and ancestor management, fine-grained to each account or user. Create'Modify Maintenance Work List'on-site maintenance records, and intelligently alert users to timely maintenance in conjunction with the equipment maintenance plan.

8.Data can be displayed in large screen on PC and mobile

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